"I want it! I WANT IT! I WANT IT''''!" - Kootie Pie Koopa

Wendy O. Koopa Edit

Wendy Koopa is the only female koopa in the family and is third youngest. Wendy likes to get what she wants, and 


This is Wendy in her latest appearance of NSMBU

usually is nice when given but when not, she can sometimes go crazy mad. Wendy is the cutest with her big pink bow and her big candy rings. Wendy is owner of Water Land in most of the games. The only time so far where she isn't is in NSMBU when she is in Snowy Glacier. Wendy is into sports and is shown to know how to swim (NSMBW)  and know how to ice skate (NSMBU). She is both girly girl and tomboy at the same time. She is the weakest of the Koopalings but she also works just as hard for the win as her brothers. She takes on the role of Kootie Pie Koopa in the Mario Cartoons, she is the third youngest.