"You made it past the others, but you won't get past me, you wrench wielding weirdo! I'm the mighty Ludwig von Koopa!" - Ludwig Von Koopa

Ludwig Von Koopa Edit

Ludwig is the oldest Koopaling. He is mentioned to be 15 years old in the Pipe Down mario adventure book. Ludwig has many different hobbies and has probably the most of all Koopalings. 


This is Ludwig in his present appearance in NSMBU

Ludwig is into inventing and makes many big machines. Unfortunatly, many of Ludwigs machines blow up or get destroyed before much damage is done to Mario. Ludwig also likes music, he is seen putting on musicals in the  adventure books and also likes to play the piano. He is like Ludwig Von Beethoven, but is really bad at playing piano. It is said he has a deaf ear and that is why he can't hear himself playing. He also gets his outragious hairstyle from him and the idea. Ludwig also is different because while your in the battle with him, since NSMBW he has learned to flutterjump. Know one knows how he can do it or how he learned how to. It really helpes him in his battle and makes him a much harder boss.