"I see the dummer plummer. Bro is missing? What a bummer. Think the door will lead to him? Step on through--it's sink or swim!" -Iggy Koopa

Iggy Koopa Edit


This is Iggy in his present appearance in NSMBU

Iggy is the middle child in the family. Iggy is the nerdiest of the seven along with Ludwig. Iggy has always had swirly big glasses which show his nerdness. Iggy has a green mohawk, kinda palm tree style looking. It was originally rainbow like his brother Lemmy. Iggy is the thinest of the koopalings and also the tallest. He was named after Iggy Pop. Iggy is an inventer and is thought to have learned it from Ludwig. He made the machines in Yoshi's Safari as well as his own such as GLOM, and the Synapse Switcher. Iggy is also shown to be the craziest of the Koopalings. He is kinda crazed and his old adjective was to be known as demented.